Your Squash Opponent, Do They Hit & Run Or Hit And Stand?

When playing squash observe your opponent closely and find out how they move once they have struck the ball. The younger fitter opponents will eagerly return to the “T” let’s describe these squash players as hit and run. The older more experienced squash player will have a tendency to hit and be slower at returning back to the “T” let’s describe them as hit and stand. Continue reading

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Think of Squash Like a Boxing Match

Just viewed your latest Help My Squash Game video…GREAT!

Comments from Bob Hanscom Los Angeles

Funny about what you said about “hunting” the ball. Whenever we recall seeing a photo or watching Jahangir play, it’s certainly apparent that it’s what he and Rahmat focused on.

That’s why, whenever the subject of who the the best of all-time was, (in my opinion) it was Jahangir over Jansher. Jahangir was always “hunting” the ball, where Jansher, without question was perhaps the best “retriever” and “mover” in the game – both at their very best, my money would be on Jahangir.

And…regarding the demands of a squash-player being similar to that of a boxer, no question. Continue reading

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3 Ways To Hit An Effective Winner In Squash!

When playing a game of squash and having worked your opponent so that you are now in a position to hit an effective winner here are three different ways to execute it.

Firstly, be an Assassin NOT and Italian lover! Continue reading

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Amazing, this is the future.

You have to check this out, it is wheelchair squash. I am never going to complain about sore knees again! Look just how quick they are at getting around the court. Their wheelchairs are amazing and clearly well adapted to the squash court. Only in Holland! What do you think?

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Semi-Final Amr Shabana vs Tarek Momen Game 4

Tarek Momen gets of to a great start in this game but notice how the squash game turns and Amr Shabana claws hit way back with some tenatious rallying, hitting the ball around the service line on the front wall to create effective length that takes their opponent to the back of the court.

Notice their speed and reaction and their amazing shot making even at the end of the match when it is really tight. This freedom to hit shots shows a relaxed focus.

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Sam Cornett vs Jaclyn Hawkes Game 3 Cleveland 2012

There is so much to watch in this one squash game. Notice where on the front wall the girls are hitting there shots when they are behind the service box.

Notice their focus and concentration throughout the rallies.

How early they have their squash racket is prepared and their eagerness to cut the ball off on the volley or to not let it go past them. They have made that first decision, which is so obvious but many squash players forget it, that they are going to hit using a forehand!

One more idea you could take from this video is to play your practice squash matches never letting the squash ball hit the back wall. It is amazingly difficult, but will really improve your squash game.

Do you agree?

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Hitting with Intention is Vital to Your Squash Game

Ramy Ashour Tea cup target shot

Watch this squash video two things should strike you.

1. How quick Ramy’s racquet is when he is warming up the squash ball. He is amazingly efficient and always hits the ball ahead of himself. Not surprising from the World #1 (Jan 2010).

2. He knows the angles of the squash court so well that he can find a glass on the “T” having hit the ball around 4 walls. Incredible that is hitting with intention! He is certain where the ball will end up.

This comes from hours of deliberate practice focusing on the target and remember “Practice makes Permanent” so however you train is how you will play. Train with purpose and intention and you will have that when you play matches.

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Confidence and How to Calm Your Nerves

Confidence can be a huge issue when competing.

Let’s take a squash match that you really want to win but you are not sure. There is really only one question to ask. “Am I prepared?”¬† Continue reading

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10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Squash Game

I hope you enjoy this little 30sec squash video.

Get you Free Download Here


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Great squash video of Johnathon Power and Peter Nicol

Great squash video.

You can really watch the timing of these players and the focus. Notice just how intesely both players are watching the squash ball. Watch when Johnathon’s foot hits the floor and when his racket hits the ball!

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